Sell your products to 670 million monthly unique visitors

With one integration to Bonsai, publishers start promoting your products in-articles, across the web, and natively on social. Orders start populating in your ecommerce platform without any change to your fulfilment process.

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We drive revenue.
Meaningful revenue.

By integrating with Bonsai, merchants can earn hundreds of thousands in new revenue each month. Leverage the high-intent customer base of our publisher network. Only pay if a customer purchases.

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New customers

Receive conversions.
Not just traffic.

By selling products through Bonsai, we place your conversion funnel within leading publisher sites. You don’t have to worry about driving and converting traffic. Access new users and rich sales data so you can market to new customers.

"Having our products stocked on the pages of the biggest names in culture is a footprint we never have imagined. Bonsai made that an instant reality."

Santino Loconte


"Bonsai brings us buyers not browsers. By integrating with them, we’ve saved countless hours and dollars that we used to spend converting leads on our own."

Alex Danino


Brand Exposure

You’re in good company

Unlike affiliate platforms, we facilitate close relationships between merchants and publishers. Merchants take a proactive role in influencing publishers’ editorial strategies.

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220 million monthly visitors
Shoppable editorials created by Bonsai’s world-leading publishers tell the stories of our merchants and drive significant traffic to their products

Over 30 million followers
Bonsai merchants benefit from mentions in the Instagram posts of our publishers, driving traffic to their pages which allow them to build relationships with their fans

Over 1 million subscribers
Bonsai’s publishers sell merchant products to their Snapchat audiences via shoppable content series that highlight the stories of merchants, products, and brands

35 million monthly emails
Merchants and their products are the cornerstone of daily and weekly email campaigns, reaching tens of millions of engaged subscribers every month.

How It Works

Bonsai has built integrations with major ecommerce platforms. For large retailers with custom technology, Bonsai integrates into your existing order management system.

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Fetch products so they can be sold through Bonsai’s distributed ecommerce platform



Inject completed orders (purchase transactions) into retailer’s system that handles order management & fulfillment



Order shipment and fulfillment status by calling Bonsai’s API for each shipping state